Professor Kai Toellner

Professor Kai-Michael Toellner’s research is focused on the basic immunobiology of B cell selection, maturation, and differentiation, as well as in CD4 T cell differentiation with the aim of enhancing cancer vaccination strategies.

Professor of Adaptive Immunity, Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy, College of Medical and Dental Sciences, University of Birmingham. 


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Background and Research focus

Kai Toellner is a Professor of Adaptive Immunity in the Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy at the University of Birmingham. He has a longstanding interest in the basic immunobiology of B cell selection, maturation, and differentiation, as well as in CD4 T-cell differentiation. Kai and his team are studying how antigen, antibodies, T cells and other accessory cells in germinal centre interact with B cells and provide stimulation or barriers that lead to selection of higher affinity B-cells. Their main focus of this work is to improve the action of cancer vaccination strategies, as well as to understand the effects of ageing on the antibody affinity maturation. Key to this research is a close affiliation with Professor Roy Bicknell, in which Kai applies his expertise in basic B cell biology in preclinical mouse model studies designed to improve cancer vaccination approaches to target the tumour endothelium. These include targeting novel tumour endothelial antigens identified in the Bicknell laboratory.



Affinity maturation;  class switching; plasma cell differentiation; cancer vaccination strategies; affinity maturation and ageing.


Other activities

He has published over 70 research papers in peer reviewed scientific journals, and secured grant funding from the European Union, the MRC, and in collaboration with Medimmune from BBSRC. In addition to his research interests, Kai has made substantial contributions to teaching at the University of Birmingham. In particular, he delivers lectures on a wide range of courses which include BMedSci, MBChB, Mres in Biomedical Research, MPharm pharmacy and MSc in Immunology and Immunotherapy.




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