Dr Manoj Raghavan

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Manoj Raghavan is a consultant haematologist based at the Centre for Clinical Haematology. Manoj works closely with Professor Charlie Craddock, and has a strong interest in myeloid malignancies.

Clinical Senior Lecturer, School of Cancer Sciences, University of Birmingham Consultant Haematologist, University Hospitals Birmingham

Email: Manoj.Raghavan@uhb.nhs.uk

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Background and Research focus

Following an undergraduate medical degree at the University of Cambridge, Manoj graduated in Medicine from St George’s Hospital Medical School in 1994, and went on to train in haematology at University College Hospital, London.  He then carried out a PhD at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, completing his studies in 2008. He was recruited to Birmingham in late 2010, taking up the post of Clinical Senior Lecturer at University of Birmingham, and Consultant Haematologist at University Hospitals Birmingham.

Manoj has a major interest in the molecular and genetic basis of dysregulated haematopoiesis that characterizes myeloid malignancies. Increased understanding in this area has allowed development of new therapeutic strategies targeting underlying abnormalities within leukaemic cells. Manoj, together with Professor Craddock, is leading development of epigenetic therapies in patients with high risk myeloid malignancies. These studies, which involved close collaboration with Dr Sylvie Freeman, incorporate quantitation of leukaemic stem/progenitor populations with the aim of developing a novel biomarker of disease response.


Haematological malignancies; myelodysplasia; acute myeloid leukaemia; acute lymphoblastic leukaemia; genome wide association studies; haematopoiesis; leukaemic stem cells; chromosomal amplifications; epigenetic modification; leukemogenesis; DNA methylation.

Other activities

In addition to leading his own research group, Manoj is a member of the Myelodysplasia subgroup of the NCRI Haematology Oncology Clinical Studies Group.


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