Cancer-targeted immunotherapies, both cellular and antibody-mediated, are poised to deliver transformative improvements in cancer treatment, with significant advances already evident in haematological and solid tumours. Fundamental research in the CIIC  is focused on three key themes, each critical to development of such novel treatments.

One focus is on identifying and characterising recognition of tumour antigens, and a second on understanding and therapeutically manipulating the tumour microenvironment. In a third theme, CIIC members are carrying out pre-clinical studies on a wide range of immunotherapeutic strategies, including new T cell  targeting,  vaccination, antibody-based, and chemotherapy-based approaches,  with the ultimate aim of advancing these novel therapeutic concepts into clinical trials.

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  • Tumour Antigen Choice

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  • Tumour Microenvironment

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  • Immunotherapeutic Strategies

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