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Reigniting regional immunology

Article Date: 05.04.14
Category: Science stories

A team of researchers at the University of Birmingham is planning to re-launch a regional immunology research group sponsored by the British Society of Immunology (BSI).

The “BSI West Midlands Regional Immunology Group” will be officially re-launched on Guy Fawkes’ night – November 5th, 2014, will take place at the Bramhall Music Building at the University of Birmingham.

Dr David Withers, who is co-lead of the grouping alongside Dr Zania Stamaki and colleagues, commented “We are excited to re-launch this BSI grouping which should bring immunology researchers from the West Midlands region together to catalyse new research in this area. The event will feature a number of regional, national, and international speakers and will focus on diverse areas within immunology, including immunology to infection, cancer, and also autoimmunity. We are very grateful to the BSI for ongoing funding to the grouping. ”

Dr Zania Stamaki, from the University’s School of Immunity and Infection, is also involved in planning the event.

“We have scheduled the event for November 5th, and hopefully this is very apt, as we want it go off with a bang,” she commented. 

“The event has therefore been titled “Reigniting Regional Immunology”. The grouping will encourage scientists across the West Midlands to come together and discuss the latest developments in immunology, and collaborate with each other.”

The event is open for anyone to attend, and attendance fees are reduced for BSI members.

To register for the event, click here. If you are interested in becoming a BSI member, click here.