Corporate Partners



How can your company help ?

We are keen to attract corporate partners for the CIIC grouping. Cancer touches us all, including your staff and your customers. By raising money, and increasing awareness of cancer, corporate partnerships are crucial in helping us harness the immune system to beat cancer. If you are interested in finding out more about what we could achieve together then we would love to hear from you.


Why partner with the CIIC ?

We can achieve more in partnership with your business than we can alone. A partnership with the CIIC will link you with both the University of Birmingham (the University of the Year, 2013, where most CIIC research takes place), and with the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity (aligned to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, one of the leading hospitals in Europe, and where the CIIC fund is based). Partnering with the CIIC could help your business stand out in a competitive market, by:

-          Motivating staff and encouraging team building

-          Meeting corporate social responsibility aims

-          Helping beat cancer in communities relevant to your business

-          Gaining exposure to new audiences, and increasing sales

-          Securing positive PR for your business

-          Building the profile of your brand

Meet the team

Come and meet us to explore what a corporate partnership with the CIIC would look like for your business. The experienced corporate partnerships teams at the University of Birmingham and Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity have the expertise to help build a bespoke partnership for you. We can provide fundraising ideas, resources and support throughout the partnership. Listening to our partners and building relationships that achieve mutual goals is our key aim. We hope to hear from you soon. 


Ways to support

There are a number of ways your business can support the CIIC grouping, such as direct corporate donations, payroll giving, assigning the QEHB Charity CIIC fund as your “Charity of the Year”, sponsorship, and a range of other possibilities. We can advise on these possibilities, and will work with you to help meet your business aims.


Our corporate partners

This year Miltenyi Biotec have partnered with us, generously providing £10,000 of funding for a Cancer Immunology workshop for the CIIC grouping.


What impact will your donations achieve ?

Your donations will help us harness the immune system in the fight against cancer. This is how:

£500 will fund meetings of our Patients and Public Involvement group, giving patients and members of the public a chance to share their cancer treatment experiences and help shape research into new immunotherapy approaches.

£3000 could fund the CIIC Technician for a month, enabling us to assess the immune profile of patients’ tumours, and design appropriate cancer immunotherapy approaches.

£1,000-£20,000 could fund a scientific conference or workshop to kickstart collaborations between CIIC scientists and top European and US investigators in the cancer immunology/immunotherapy field.

£10,000-£50,000 could help get a research project off the ground in a new area, by funding initial experiments and analyses, after which external funding can be obtained.

£200,000 could help us find a cure for a specific cancer type by funding the complete costs of a three year research project, including salaries for key research staff, laboratory reagents, and funds for crucial equipment essential for the project.


Interested in exploring corporate partnerships wtih the CIIC ?