Solid Tumours - Patients


Being diagnosed with cancer is a traumatic time for patients and their families. We actively seek to support patients during this difficult time, providing access to key information about specific cancers, helping them contact relevant support groups, and facilitating their recruitment to key clinical trials. We also link up with specific charities (in particular Cancer Research UK and Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity) for fundraising and public engagement events.

Want to know more about your cancer ?

Cancer Research UK has online information about a range of cancers, information about clinical trials, and personal stories about patient affected by cancer.

For more information about cancer, check out CancerHelp UK, which provides reliable, easy to understand patient information from CRUK. This includes information about cancer types, clinical trials, and coping with cancer.

Interested in joining a support group ?

There are over 30 support groups based in the West Midlands for patients diagnosed with cancer, many of which organises meetings with relevant and interesting guest speakers, social events, and day trips. If you are interested in finding out more, check out local support groups listed by Macmillan Cancer Support.

Interested in taking part in a clinical trial ?

If you would like to find out about clinical trials you might be eligible to take part in, search for relevant UK trials on the CRUK Clinicial Trials and Research section.

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