CIIC Clinical Themes

The CIIC maintains substantial clinical research programmes both in haematological malignancies and in solid tumours. These programmes focus on specific malignancies or therapeutic approaches, involve close collaborations between clinical academics, clinical teams, and basic scientists within the CIIC, and interface closely both with our fundamental research themes, and also with our clinical trials programmes.

  • Haematological malignancies

    Haematological malignancies are an area of major focus for the CIIC. Our strong translationally-oriented research programme aims to understand how immune responses can affect current treatment…

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  • Solid Tumours

    Development of immunotherapy programmes focussed on specific solid tumours where there are strong clinical academic teams is a major focus for the CIIC. The over-arching aims…

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  • CIIC Clinical Feature

    Professor Gary Middleton, chair of Medical Oncology at the University of Birmingham,  is the national lead for a clinical trial of personalized treatment for lung…

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