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CIIC secures funding for Cancer Immunotherapy workshop in June

Article Date: 16.01.14
Category: Industry

The CIIC grouping has secured funding for a Cancer Immunotherapy-themed workshop scheduled for June 2014.

The workshop, “Advances in Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy: targets, challenges, opportunities”, is co-sponsored by Miltenyi Biotec, will be chaired jointly by Professor Ben Willcox, and Dr Jason Jones, from Miltenyi.

Professor Willcox commented: “This event will be a small meeting, and provide a fantastic opportunity for some lucky members of the CIIC grouping to meet up with top UK and European researchers working on diverse aspects of cancer immunology.  We are lucky to have attracted some excellent outside speakers on topics such as cell therapy and vaccination approaches, novel tumour antigens, and also aspects of the tumour microenvironment.”

However, the event will also feature several home-grown CIIC speakers, including Dr Carmen De Santo, Dr Mark Cobbold, and Dr Gavin Bendle.  Professor Willcox paid special thanks to Miltenyi Biotec, and to the European Regional Development Fund, who are jointly funding the event.  “We are extremely grateful to Miltenyi Biotec, and also to David Taylor, who oversees the European Regional Development Fund in Birmingham, for making this possible” he said.

“Advances in Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy: targets, challenges, opportunities” will be held on June 15-16th at the Lygon Arms, in Oxfordshire.