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The CIIC is committed to providing the highest quality training in cancer immunology and immunotherapy for the next generation of academics and clinicians, and aims to attract academically strong and self motivated candidates, including both UK based and international students.

CIIC members contribute to a variety of taught and research-based programmes offered at the University of Birmingham. These range from the BSc in Biomedical Science programme which is suitable for undergraduates, through a number of Masters courses (including the MSc in Immunology and Immunotherapy, MSc in Clinical Oncology, and the MRes in Cancer Sciences), and also include a choice of different PhD programmes.

“This programme was a turning point in my thinking of how to deal with cancer patients…it was motivating, challenging, and very enjoyable. I would advise international students not to be anxious… everything in Birmingham is supportive to them. They will not just learn, they will enjoy learning.” International student, MSc in Clinical Oncology.

A variety of PhD programmes are available, both non-clinical and clinical. These include a 3 year non-clinical PhD programmes funded by the University of Birmingham College of Medical and Dental Sciences and the Medical Research Council. We also welcome applications from self-funded students, either UK-based or international.

In addition, we support clinical candidates to apply for a number of 3 year clinical PhD fellowships, including a variety of external clinical PhD fellowship schemes funded by external funding bodies or charities, such as the Medical Research Council, and the Wellcome Trust.

All funded PhD studentships available within the College are advertised on the Doctoral ReSEARCHer Database (Powered by Studentship opportunities are advertised through the year, the majority in the Autumn. To view all such PhD studentships currently available, click here.

“The School of Cancer Sciences provided a great environment for me to carry out my research” Daniel Stones, 3rd year non-clinical PhD student.

International Students 

International Students: We welcome applications from high quality self-funded international students, for both Masters courses and PhD courses, and our staff are experienced in guiding you through the application process. If you are an international student considering studying with the CIIC, please contact Professor Ben Willcox, and be sure to check out the University of Birmingham’s International students’ webpage.

Contact: Professor Ben Willcox, Director of the CIIC (email:

Undergraduate courses 

BSc Biomedical Science: This programme offers undergraduates the opportunity to explore the science of the human body and the underlying cause of human diseases. Based in the Medical School, the course explores the major body systems at the cellular and molecular level and is regularly updated to reflect the cutting-edge developments in the field.For more information, click here.

Contact: Dr Linda Lefièvre, Admissions Tutor (email:

Clinical Science Intercalated BMedSc: This programme offers undergraduate medical students the chance to take one year out from their medical studies to study an aspect of medicine in much greater detail, learn about translational research, and to carry out an original research project. For more information click here.

Contact: Julie Wright, Admissions tutor (email:

Masters courses 

MSc in Immunology and Immunotherapy: This is a full-time 1 year MSc programme suitable for biomedical or life scientists. For more information, click here.

Contacts: Dr Nick Jones, Programme Lead (email:, Dr Will Jenkinson, Programme Lead (email: or the Programme Administrator (email:

MSc in Clinical Oncology: This is a one year Masters taught programme, based in the Birmingham CRUK Cancer Centre. It is focussed on continuing professional development, and candidates should have at least six months experience working in an oncology environment. Fore more information, click here.

Contacts: Jean Assender, Programme Lead (email: or Rachel Dawson, Programme Administrator (email:

MRes Cancer Sciences: This is a recently introduced 1 year full-time programme that offers postgraduate training to suitably qualified science students who are interested in research careers in cancer. For more information, click here.

Contact: Dr Roger Watson, Programme Lead (email:; or

PhD programmes 

Non-clinical PhD programmes (either 3 or 4 year) are in place for both the School of Cancer Sciences (click here for more details) and for the School of Immunity and Infection (click here for more details).

Contact: email

National Clinical PhD fellowships: In addition, we support candidates to apply to national schemes funding Clinical PhD fellowships, including the Medical Research Council Clinical Research Training Fellowship scheme, and Wellcome Trust-funded schemes. For more information on such applications, please contact Karen Carter.

Contact: Mrs Karen Carter, Postgraduate manager, Research and Knowledge Transfer office (email: or Dr Rachel Bruton, Senior Research Facilitator (email:

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