Job Opportunities

We are always interested in attracting the top talent to the CIIC, including students, basic scientists, and academic clinicians. A general aim is to bolster our research and clinical base in areas of strategic strength.  This includes our academic themes of Tumour Antigen Choice, Tumour Microenvironment, and Immunotherapeutic Strategies, and clinical foci  include haematological malignancies and specific solid tumours. We believe the CIIC provides an outstanding environment both for both academic and clinical PhD students, early career researchers, and well established scientific/clinical groups. So please get in touch if you are interested in joining us, and help make the CIIC a world-leading centre for cancer immunology/immunotherapy.

We are currently particularly interested in recruitment in two areas:

(i) We are keen to form strategic links with international non-EU centres to increase international PhD studentships in the CIIC.

(ii) We are also keen to attract early career EU-based scientists who are eligible to apply for Marie Curie EU fellowships.

If you are interested in any of these areas, or have other queries related to job opportunities, please get in touch.