Professor Chris Buckley


Professor Chris Buckley focusses on understanding the immunobiology of the stromal microenvironment, a key therapeutic target for both chronic inflammatory conditions and cancer.

Professor of Rheumatology and Clinical Director for Centre of Translational Inflammation Research,  College of Medical and Dental Sciences, University of Birmingham Research Laboratories, Queen Elizabeth Hospital 


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Background and Research focus

Professor Buckley and his group are interested in examining the contribution of tissue resident stromal cells such as macrophages, endothelial cells and fibroblasts in inflammation and the tumour microenvironment. In chronic inflammation the resolution stage is extended and disordered resulting in the persistent accumulation of the inflammatory infiltrate. Their work has led to the proposal that tissue resident fibroblasts orchestrate and maintain the inflammatory infiltrate. In addition, recent studies in human lung, breast, colon and prostate cancer have unequivocally provided a key role for stromal cells (cancer associated fibroblasts) in tumour initiation and progression.  Hence, stromal cells represent a highly attractive and novel set of organ specific targets to treat chronic inflammatory diseases and human malignancies.


Chronic inflammatory diseases; tumour microenvironment; stromal cells; inflammation; fibroblast; rheumatoid arthritis.

Other activities

Chris has made substantial contributions to scientific administration through his roles with the arthritis research UK (Chair of the Fellowship Committee and Clinical Studies Group on early inflammatory arthritis) as well as EULAR (Scientific Programme organizing committee). He also sits on the College’s Integrated Clinical Academic Training committee and is particularly keen on mentoring and supporting medical doctors early in their academic careers.


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