Being diagnosed with liver disease can be traumatic for patients and their families. The liver grouping works actively with patient groups and relevant charities, helping provide information about liver disease, providing updates about their research and clinical work in this area, and taking part in fundraising and public engagement events.

Want to know more about liver disease ?

The British Liver Trust ( provides a range of downloadable leaflets for patients, outlining the basics about a wide range of liver conditions. In addition, the Centre for Liver Research produces a bi-annual newletter, called Liver FOCUS, which provides a summary of research and engagement activity in liver research. For more information, visit the Centre for Liver Research website or contact Donna Hull (email:

Interested in joining a support group ?

A comprehensive range of support groups in the area of liver disease is outlined on the British Liver Trust website. Prof David Adams from the liver grouping recently provided an update about current research and clinical trials to the PSC Support group, a patient led support group for people suffering from the inflammatory liver disease primary sclerosing cholangitis.

Want to be involved in the Centre for Liver Research ?

The CLR has an active Patient and Public Involvement panel (PPIP), which is a group of patients and members of the public that meets twice a year, key roles including reviewing patient information sheets, suggesting future research plans, helping generate articles for Liver FOCUS, and helping plan how research and clinical activities can best be communicated with the general public. For more information, please visit the CLR website or email

Want to know more about the CIIC grouping ?

For more information about CIIC, please email, and also follow us on Twitter @CIIC_UoB