Liver inflammation & Carcinogensis

Liver inflammation and carcinogenesis is a second key area of focus for the CIIC. Chronic liver inflammation can result from a number of causes, and is major driver of both liver cirrhosis, and ultimately liver cancer.

Our strong translationally-oriented research programme, led by Professor David Adams, aims to understand the mechanisms whereby immune responses can contribute to liver inflammation, and secondly to devise novel therapeutic interventions both to limit such chronic inflammation and also to treat liver cancer once it has arisen.

The grouping, based predominantly at the Institute for Biomedical Research, has been designated a NIHR Biomedical Liver Research Unit since 2008. It focusses on a translational research programme that includes development of novel immunotherapy approaches, such as use of T regulatory cells to suppress inflammation, and also dendritic cell-based vaccine approaches to induce anti-tumour immunity.