Patient and Public Involvement


The CIIC grouping is committed to involving both patients and lay public as a key step to stimulating the highest quality research into new cancer immunotherapy approaches. Such engagement is crucial in order to: help identify the most important questions our research needs to address; to set research priorities; to review ethical aspects of study proposals; to provide feedback on the acceptability of proposed new clinical approaches; to take part in clinical trials; and to help publicise research results.

We are aiming to establish a Patient and Public Involvement panel for the CIIC grouping. In addition to the issues outlined above, we are keen to explore two important specific issues. Firstly, we would like to explore attitudes to both the risk and potential benefit of new immunotherapy approaches. Secondly, we are keen to explore understanding of a range of cancer immunotherapy approaches in both patient and lay public groups.

If you are interested in joining our Patient and Public Involvement panel, please email: