The CIIC grouping is led by Professor Ben Willcox, with deputy co-leads Dr Graham Taylor and Dr Mark Cobbold.

Ongoing management is provided by the Centre Advisory Board, which meets approximately every 3 months, with terms of reference including oversight of CIIC activities and progress on strategic objectives.

The Advisory Board includes key leaders in each component centre (School of Cancer Sciences, Centre for Clinical Haematology, School of Immunity and Infection, the NHS Blood and Transplant Service, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, and the CRUK Clinical Trials Unit).

In addition, the Advisory Board includes members responsible for specific aspects of CIIC development, in particular teaching/student recruitment, the CIIC seminar programme, and development of industrial/pharmaceutical collaborations.

CIIC Advisory Board Members:

School of Cancer Sciences: Professor Ben Willcox, Dr Graham Taylor, Professor Paul Moss

School of Immunity and Infection: Dr Mark Cobbold, Professor David Adams, Dr Stuart Curbishley

Centre for Clinical Haematology: Professor Charlie Craddock, Dr Ram Malladi

NHS Blood and Transplant: Dr Fred Chen, Professor David Briggs, Dr Dan Hollyman

Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit (CRCTU): Dr Neil Steven, Professor Gary Middleton

Teaching/Student recruitmentDr Andrew Hislop, Mrs Karen Carter

Seminar organiser: Dr Steven Lee

Industrial/pharmaceutical collaborations: Professor Roy Bicknell, Professor Gary Middleton